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Philosophy of school

In 2006, the divine vision of HDH Bapji and HDH Swamishree laid down the speculation of the foundation of SDIS in Gandhinagar. This initiative was inspired by Lord Swaminarayan’s teachings to spread correct and quality understanding along with teaching authenticity of life by establishing school of contemporary learning. In SDIS, we believe that every child is unique and has got exceptional capabilities, whether it will be subject or sport or any other co-curricular activities. The prime goal of School is to give knowledge to children following the education system. Our educators are there to bring out hidden talents, strengths, passion, feelings, moralities and spirituality from each and every child.

SDIS has emerged as a boon to nurture values in a child and help them grow better. It has an arena where a child develops physically, mentality and spiritually. Imbibing the concept of practical expertise rather than bookish knowledge. Including modern methods of understanding world with modern technology. HDH Swamishree’s vision is to develop self-confidence, cleanliness, better parent-child relationship, honesty etc. in children.

1. Personalized and effective teaching and learning.

2. A safe, spiritual, supportive and stimulating learning environment.

3. Pleasant, respectful and helpful staff.

4. A wide variety of subject choices and co-curricular activities.

5. Effective student well being and discipline procedures

6. Attractive and well maintained facilities.

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