Smart Science 11th to 12th

A division of our school where we inculcate in our students the understanding of science and instill in them its practical applicability, by following certain well-designed targets which our teachers try to achieve every single day.

Imbibing these smart ways we target for the maximum development in our students. Here we try and involve our students for an entire sixty minutes ( i.e. two periods in a row ) where we get to teach science using smart means such as showing students audio visual and at times taking them for a practical session while demonstrating a concept. Also these few minutes can be used in doing other work as well such as taking up revision lectures and at times also taking tests, in doing so forcing them to maintain their focus only on mental development which is an amalgam of conceptual understanding, remembering facts and applying them to suitable situations.

All this is done by providing necessary facilities to our teachers and students. Facilities like smart classrooms, well equipped laboratories and science field visits to different research centers and organizations, etc… One other important aspect of our institution is that we believe that nothing of this can be done fruitfully if we do not have the support of our parents, so we as an organization have adopted some smart techniques to continuously involve our students’ parent to know about their child’s development

This mentorship-based, science education includes

A focus on long-term, academically-focused relationships between young students and their teachers.

Rigorous evaluation and evidence-based methods designed to learn what's working (and what's not) and share it with the wider community. 

Hands-on science curricula, spanning topics of physics, chemistry and biology.

A fun event at the end of each curricular unit where students share their work with friends and family.

Thus following this pattern throughout the year we not only train our students for the upcoming competitive world but also instill in them the qualities of life that will help them lead on successfully.

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