In order to be successful in making the right career choices, planning is required. Students can get anxious on these matters and can end up taking wrong decisions, so it is important to be able to guide them through the right path.

We, at SDIS, strive to ensure that students of 8th, 9th standards receive the right kind of exposure and clarity on matters of high importance through SPARC project.

S - Study Skills

Many study skills are required to score well and for the better understanding of the subject. Of These, memory skill , paper writing skill, time management etc. Are Discussed and explained by the experts.
Study Set – Provided so Guided
Skill Set – Require so Acquire

P - Personality Development

Seminar related to character, behaviour, emotional and mental traits are conducted to develop a good personality of the students.
Self Development
Social Development

A - Attitude & Gratitude

Having a right attitude makes all the difference. The role of the child and parents is explained in the seminars to develop a positive attitude and feeling of gratitude among students.
Parents’ Role
Child’s Role

R - Road Map

This is related to plan and the strategies to achieve the goals. Seminars related to exploring, experiencing and excelling are conducted to help students make a road map for their aims.
Focus on Exploring
Focus on Experiencing
Focus on Excelling
Focus on Exceeding

C - Career Building

Having a successful career offers one a lot of benefits and real profitable opportunities. So, the students are given information of various courses which can be helpful in deciding a better career.

“Build the skills” Which “Build the career”

To give above information to students, SDIS arrange seminars and visits, which focuses on creative thinking, critical reasoning and effective communication.

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