Commerce + is one of our school’s specialty which is part of our commerce zone. Commerce education is generally provided by each and every organization where students gain bookish knowledge.

Here in SDIS, we give our best to enhance other abilities along with imparting commerce knowledge as we don’t believe in making our students bookworms. We constantly strive to develop their confidence, understanding, team spirit and knowledge thereby providing practical as well as theoretical understanding.

We are one among the few schools in Gandhinagar where such activities are run and ‘commerce +’ is one such activity.

This activity is divided into other small activities such as commerce library, commerce personality, commerce case study, commerce corner, commerce project, commerce club, commerce celebrity, commerce visits, commerce study technique and commerce future. All these activities are frequently carried out throughout the year which brings about an all-round development of our students.

Commerce Case Study

In this activity we try to enhance knowledge about important business personalities of different companies, knowing their positive points, what benchmarks they have established. It develops a thought process which will help our students to be successful in the future.

Commerce Visit

Commerce is mainly related to the organization and management. The pioneer of management is goal of the business. In order to impart knowledge regarding working of a business unit it is mandatory to visit such firms. And for this sole purpose we take our children to visit banks, production houses, manufacturing units, etc... Visiting such organizations gives far more knowledge then mere listening.

Commerce Projects

Students even need to expand their creativity and for this project related to commerce are allotted to them to let them connect with the real world of commerce. Projects like collecting bills, information on Banks, different schemes of insurance, budget, etc... all are a part of it.

Commerce Celebrity

Generally we call a very famous person a successful artist or a politician as a celebrity. In case of commerce, celebrities are people who have earned their name and fame in the field of business. For example a famous CA, an HR or a CS who can guide and motivate students for a brighter future from their own experience.

Commerce personality

As a part of commerce + activity we invite motivational speakers, career counselors to guide them through the path of success by making them aware of the best available career options. They even provide knowledge regarding the steps to be cleared to pursue their goals of being successful.

Commerce Library

As it is said “a man who reads well, is a man who thinks well” so reading has been considered to be one of the most important part of a human to be successful. Here in SDIS we have more than _______ books out of which a whole section is created which are related to Commerce +. Books related economics, business, auto-biography of great businessmen, leaders and magazine are also available. There is an ocean of knowledge for every reader.

Commerce Club

We have created a group of students of commerce where certain responsibilities are given to each member who can learn to work in a group, team work, to be a good leader, cooperation, and being responsible. All these are some fundamental qualities every individual should have and we are trying to inculcate in our students.

Commerce Study Technique

As there is a vast difference between way of learning, presentation of answers, content of writing, language between standard 10th and standard 11th. So therefore here we guide our students regarding study techniques, presentations and all which will be very helpful to them in 12th board examination. As our main goal is to help a child to score high marks in these examinations

Commerce Club

It’s a trend nowadays to work in groups. Keeping this mind we have provided students with opportunities to learn coordination, leadership and cooperation within a group of students. In this club each and every volunteer will handle all the activities of commerce plus activities including planning and organization.

Commerce Future

Along with present activities we even focus on students’ future for which we update our students with the best courses, institutions, entrance exams, etc… which help them in their endeavor.

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