GSEB School Fee Payment

Fee structure 2021-22 GSEB English
Detail   Std 1 to 5 Std 6 to 8 Std 9 to 10 11 & 12 Com. 11 & 12 Science
School Fees Quarterly 9586 9900 12340 7025 8845
Fee structure 2021-22 GSEB Gujarati
Detail   Jr.Kg & Sr. Kg Std 1 to 5 Std 6 to 8 Std 9 to 10 11 & 12 Com. 11 & 12 Science
School Fees Quarterly 4180 6730 7840 10120 6890 8680
The fees can be paid in four installments.
1st Instalment 10th June
2nd Instalment 10th August
3rd Instalment 10th November
4th Instalment 10th February

Mode of Payment

*Cash or A/c. Payee cheques in favour of :




*Credit Card and Debit Card are accepted. (Terms and Conditions as per your service provider)


Subject: Swaminarayan Dham International School Fee payment through Paytm

We are delighted to announce that Paytm has partnered with Swaminarayan Dham International School to facilitate online fee payments. Now, you can pay your fees on Paytm using Credit Card (CC), Debit Card (DC), Net Banking (NB), UPI and Paytm Wallet at below convenience charges!

Payment Mode Commercials
Debit Cards 0% (Transaction amount less than or equal to Rs. 2000)
0% (Transaction amount less than or equal to Rs. 2000)
Credit Cards 1.10%
Net Banking Rs.0 (Transaction amount less than or equal to Rs. 2000)
Rs.15 (Transaction amount more than Rs. 2000)
Paytm Wallet 1.50%
Amex 1.60%

Further, Paytm is also providing amazing offers: Apply available promocodes while making your Fee payments.

To pay your fees, use any of the following 2 methods

Method 1 : Simply scan this QR (Quick Response) code from the Paytm App. Click or buttons on the home screen of Paytm to scan.
Method 2 : From your mobile, go to the Paytm App & follow the steps as mentioned below to pay.

1) Open Paytm app and click on ‘Fees’ under ‘Recharge or Pay for’. Please scroll towards the right side on ‘Recharge or Pay for’ to locate the ‘Fees’ icon in case it is not visible on main screen

2) Under ‘Location’ tab select your institute location which is ‘Gandhinagar under Gujarat and ‘Institute Name’ as ‘Swaminarayan Dham International School’

3) Enter your Enrollment Number and click on proceed

4) Verify all your required details i.e. Name, Class, Section etc

5) Select the type of Fee you wish to pay and confirm the Fee amount

6) Click on ‘Proceed’ to pay. Select your preferred payment option, i.e., DC, CC, NB, UPI or Paytm Wallet and pay any amount in one go

7) Do note that you do not need to first load the Paytm Wallet to pay fees. Directly select the payment option, i.e., DC, CC, NB,UPI or Paytm Wallet

8) You will receive a real-time payment confirmation from Paytm on your registered mobile number and email id ( if email has been provided by you in the Paytm profile)

Important Notes

For large transaction amounts (above Rs 20,000), Net Banking is the most preferred mode of payment. This is because debit or credit card may have daily transaction limits as imposed by your respective banks
KYC compliance does not impact the way you pay your school fees on Paytm. Paytm allows users to do any transaction using Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking and UPI in addition to the Paytm Wallet. You are required to undergo the KYC process only if you wish to add money & spend from the Paytm Wallet.


  • Transport charges are extra and private transport will not be allowed.
  • The fees can be paid in four instalments.
1st Instalment 30th June, 2019
2nd Instalment 20th August, 2019
3rd Instalment 20th October, 2019
4th Instalment 20th January, 2020

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